GCBX, Nextrim, Coleanse - BUYER BEWARE

Vancouver, British Columbia 5 comments

If you plan on buying any of these products, or other ones from the same company (as they look like different companies, but aren't), I would strongly advice to read the fine print! However apparently even if you do, they still don't donor what they've posted on their website.

The websites state you have 16 days to cancel your "free" trial. However when I called on the 14th day to cancel, they told me I only had 14 days not 16 days (how convenient), and they said I would be charged, and there's nothing they can do.

Even if you do manage to cancel in time, they still charge you for the "free" trial they sent to you (and that you also had to pay to ship to your house). Not to mention it takes the full 14/16 days to get to your house to begin with, so you don't even have a chance to try the product before they slap a $100 charge on your credit card.

All of their terms and conditions are worded differently. And they seem to have multiple addresses, and emails, and phone numbers, which all go to the same company.

If I had of actually gotten to try this product, I might have enjoyed it, and agreed to pay for it. But this companies sneaky tactics, poorly written and contradictory website information has turned me off completely, and I'm going to b**** to anyone that will listen, so hopefully more people aren't scammed into the same thing I was.

Here's the website's if anyone is interested. I'm sure there are many more out there as well.







Review about: Gcbx Coleanse Nextrim.

Monetary Loss: $300.



This company is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Fraud I to was taken in by the "FREE" trial!

This website needs to be closed down as it is no providing much needed information. I changed my bank accounts and all. And low and behold another bottle of the *** stuff turned up!

I am sending it back!

What a JOKE!

Please be warned they will continue to take money if you are not aware of this! :(

London, Ontario, Canada #735780

I thought I had read everything for gcbx and colenase when I order what I thought was a free trial bottle from each only to get charged for the "free" trial within 10days of recieving it. Glad im not the only one.

The rep even told be that coleanse is one of their worst websites and gcbx is the second worst he said...and when I told him I had emailed both companies with a question 5 days ago and that I got the automated email saying someone would respond within 24hrs and I have yet to receive any form of contact he said it often takes a week for them to respond...um???

Like yourself I am not even trying the item im sending it back and expect the full refund like he advised me id recieve although to get it sooner I have to put tracking on it and will see how much im expected to pay to ship it

back. Yay...

Bristol, England, United Kingdom #711365

I have just had money taken out of my account by this company for the second time!!! I'm trying to find a phone number to speak to someone over there to get my details deleted, but can't seem to find anything.

Anyone know how to get in contact with these A******?

Thanks sharon

to Sharon London, Ontario, Canada #724354

Call this number 1-855-438-4229

to Sharon #733596

How did you get on? My Mum has just had £150 withdrawn from her account and after being diagnosed with cancer this month it's come as another knock

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